AUTOLITE 403 - Mulige tennplugger

Alternative tennplugger for AUTOLITE 403:

Brand Model
Accel 0143
Accel 142
Accel 143
Accel 146
ACDelco 43N
ACDelco 43XL
ACDelco C43N
ACDelco CR42N
ACDelco CR43N
ACDelco R42CXL
ACDelco R42XL
ACDelco R43CXL
ACDelco R43N
ACDelco R43XL
ACDelco R44XL
ACDelco S43XLR
Beck Arnley 176-5117
Beck Arnley 176-5127
Beck Arnley 176-5148
Beck Arnley 176-5154
Beck Arnley 176-9007
Beck Arnley 176-9018
Beru 14 R-7 CU
Beru 14 Z-3 CU
Beru 14-7 CU
Bosch 7533
Bosch W225T2
Bosch W4CC
Bosch W5CC
Bosch W5CS
Bosch W7CC0
Bosch W7CD
Bosch WR4CP
Bosch stk 7530
Bosch stk 7533
Brisk LR15C
Champion 104
Champion 2880
Champion 314
Champion 323
Champion 334
Champion 801
Champion 829
Champion 880
Champion 921
Champion N3
Champion N3C
Champion N3G
Champion N4
Champion N4C
Champion N4G
Champion N7
Champion N74C
Champion N88
Champion NA10
Champion OE098
Champion OE108
Champion ON3
Champion QN3
Champion QN3C
Champion RN1YC
Champion RN3
Champion RN3C
Champion RN3G
Champion RN4
Champion RN4C
Champion RN4G
Champion RN74C
Champion XN3
Champion XN4
Champion stk 104
Champion stk 415
Champion stk 880
Denso 3041
Denso 3054
Denso 3055
Denso 3056
Denso 3057
Denso 3058
Denso 3059
Denso 3060
Denso 3077
Denso 3078
Denso 3091
Denso 3092
Denso 3093
Denso 3094
Denso 3096
Denso 3097
Denso 3098
Denso 3277
Denso 4033
Denso 4175
Denso 5307
Denso IW22
Denso W20EKR-S11
Denso W20ERS-U
Denso W20ES-L
Denso W20ES-L11
Denso W20ESR-L
Denso W20ESR-L11
Denso W20ESR-U
Denso W20ET-S
Denso W20ETR-L
Denso W20ETR-L8
Denso W20ETR-S
Denso W21ES-L11
Denso W21ESR-L11
Denso W22ES-L
Denso W22ES-L11
Denso W22ES-U
Denso W22ES-U11
Denso W22ESR-L
Denso W22ESR-L11
Denso W22ESR-U
Denso W24ESR-U
Denso W24ESR-ZU
Denso stk 3041
Denso stk 3057
Denso stk 3077
Denso stk 3078
Denso stk 3091
Denso stk 3092
Denso stk 3096
Denso stk 3097
General Motors 5613312
General Motors 5613388
Mighty GR2
Mighty M4G3
Mopar 4106117
Mopar 82300312
Motorcraft 455
Motorcraft AGR1C
Motorcraft AGR1X
Motorcraft AGR21
Motorcraft AGS1C
Motorcraft AGS2C
Motorcraft AGS3C
Motorcraft SP-455
Motorcraft stk 1
Motorcraft stk 55
Napa X561
NGK 1011
NGK 3527
NGK 4091
NGK 4922
NGK 6127
NGK 6832
NGK 6931
NGK 906
NGK 908
NGK R5671A-7
NGK stk 1011
NGK stk 3527
NGK stk 4922
NGK stk 5327
NGK stk 5528
NGK stk 6127
NGK stk 6931
Precision Tune P4GR2
Prestolite 14G2
Sears STD360951
Splitfire SF405D
Splitfire SM006C
Splitfire SM040D
Torch F6RC
Valley Forge 203R

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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