BOSCH 0242235532 - Mulige tennplugger

Detaljer om BOSCH 0242235532:

  • Gap: 0.8 mm
  • Threaddiameter: 14x1,25
  • Threadreach: 19 mm
  • Hexsize: 20.8 mm

Alternative tennplugger for BOSCH 0242235532:

Brand Model
ACDelco C44XL
ACDelco R43CXL
ACDelco R43XL
Autolite 393
Beru 0001332300
Beru 0001335301
Beru 0001335303
Beru 0001335305
Beru 0001335707
Beru 0002335704
Beru 14-7C
Beru 14-7CU
Beru 14-8C1
Beru 147C
Beru 147CU
Beru 148C1
Beru 14L-7C
Beru 14L-7CU
Beru 14L7C
Beru 14L7CU
Beru 14R-7CU
Beru 14R7CU
Beru 160/14/3
Beru 160143
Beru 175/14/3
Beru 175143
Beru D175/14/3
Beru D175143
Beru Z58
Beru Z59
Bosch WR7CC
Brisk L15
Brisk L15C
Brisk LR15C
Champion N288
Champion N4
Champion N4C
Champion OE079
Champion OE098
Champion OE098T10
Champion RN4
Champion RN4C
Citroen 5417770
Citroen 5417770E
Citroen 596115
Citroen 5962N5
DAF 215206
Denso W20ESR-U
Denso W20ESRU
Eyquem 705L
Febi Bilstein 13452
Febi Bilstein 13453
Febi Bilstein 13508
Febi Bilstein 13509
Hitachi L45W
Hitachi L45X
Hitachi L46X
Honda 9807956817
Honda 9807956840
Lodge HBLN
Lodge HL
Lodge HLN
Motorcraft AG2
Motorcraft AG2C
Motorcraft AG2CX
Motorcraft AG2X
Motorcraft AGR2
Motorcraft AGR2C
Motorcraft AGS2C
NGK 4922
Nissan 22401M7716
Peugeot 5417770
Peugeot 5417770E
Peugeot 596115
Peugeot 5962N5
Prestolite 14G2
Subaru 820548600
Suzuki 0948200054
VW Group 101000009AA
VW Group 101000011AA
VW Group 101000012AA
VW Group N0178111
VW Group N01781117
VW Group N01781119
VW Group N01781130
VW Group N01781170
VW Group N0178121
VW Group N01781215
VW Group N01781216
VW Group N01781225
VW Group N01781253
VW Group N0178131
VW Group N01781314
VW Group N01781315
VW Group N0178133
Yamaha 9470300043

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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