AUTOLITE 62 - Mulige tennplugger

Alternative tennplugger for AUTOLITE 62:

Brand Model
Accel 113
ACDelco R41XLS
Beck Arnley 176-5075
Beck Arnley 176-5164
Beck Arnley 176-5165
Beck Arnley 176-5166
Beck Arnley 176-9054
Beru 14R-5DU
Bosch +15
Bosch 7591
Bosch 7592
Bosch 7992
Bosch W5D1
Bosch W5DC
Bosch WR5DC
Bosch WR5DP
Brisk L14YC
Brisk LR14YC
Champion 332
Champion 813
Champion N65Y
Champion N66Y
Champion N6YC
Champion N7GY
Champion N7Y
Champion N7YC
Champion RN6YC
Champion RN7GY
Champion RN7Y
Champion RN7YC
Champion stk 315
Champion stk 339
Champion stk 813
Denso 3087
Denso 3088
Denso 3089
Denso 3099
Denso 3200
Denso 3316
Denso 5307
Denso IW22
Denso W22EP
Denso W22EP-U
Denso W22EP-U11
Denso W22EP-ZU
Denso W22EPR-S11
Denso W22EPR-U
Denso W22EPR-U11
Denso W22EPRU
Denso W22EX-U
Denso W22EXR-U
Denso stk 3085
Denso stk 3086
Denso stk 3087
Denso stk 3088
Denso stk 3089
Eyquem RC72LS
Fiat 1L45JR
General Motors 5614070
Iskra FE85CPR
Magneti Marelli CW8LPR
Mitsubishi MS851234
Mopar 4339487
Motorcraft 664
Motorcraft AG12
Motorcraft AG12C
Motorcraft AGR12
Motorcraft AGR22
Motorcraft AGS12C
Motorcraft stk 64
NGK 1034
NGK 2023
NGK 2412
NGK 2712
NGK 3785
NGK 3995
NGK 4680
NGK 7031
NGK 7226
NGK 933
NGK stk 1034
NGK stk 1125
NGK stk 2023
NGK stk 2412
NGK stk 7031
NGK stk 7226
Precision Tune P4GR12
Prestolite 14G32
Splitfire SF6B
Torch F7RTC
Torch F7RTJC
Torch F7TC
Torch F7TJC
Unipart GSP2036
Valeo 246874

Raskt søk


The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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