Beru 14R-6DU - Mulige tennplugger

Alternative tennplugger for beru 14R-6DU:

Brand Model
ACDelco R41-4XLS
Alfa Romeo 5894585
Alfa Romeo 60800325
Alfa Romeo 71711639
Alfa Romeo 7554436
Alfa Romeo 7760381
Bosch +1
Bosch +10
Bosch +12SuperPlus
Bosch 0242240511
Bosch 0242240592
Bosch 0242240849
Bosch N15
Bosch W200RT27
Bosch W200RT30
Bosch WR6DC
Bosch WR6DC+
Bosch WR6DP
Brisk L15YC
Brisk LR14YC
Brisk NR15YC
Champion 8332
Champion OE008
Champion OE018
Champion RN7Y
Champion RN7YC
Champion RN7YCC
Daihatsu 99906850P9006
Denso IW20
Denso VW20
Denso W20EPR-U
Denso W20FPRU
Denso W20TT
Denso W22EPR-U
Ducellier Valeo 599330
Eyquem RC42S
Eyquem RC72LS
Fiat 1L45JR
Fiat 4346797
Fiat 4347776
Fiat 4401552
Fiat 60800325
Fiat 71711639
Fiat 71736278
Fiat 7554436
Fiat 7554437
Fiat 7760381
Fiat 7772515
Fiat V45LSR
Ford 1518878
Ford 5099962
Ford 6073379
Ford 78GB12405CA
Ford 78GB12405HA
Ford 78IF12405BA
Ford 78TF12405AA
Ford 79OF12405ACA
Ford 79OF12405YA
Ford 81GB12405AA
Honda 98076-56717
Iskra F65CPR
Iskra FE85PRS
Lancia 5894585
Lancia 60800325
Lancia 71711639
Lancia 7554436
Lancia 7760381
Lodge 2HL
Magneti Marelli CT6FMR
Magneti Marelli CW7LPR
Magneti Marelli F7NCR
Magneti Marelli F8LCR
Mercedes 0001595403
Mercedes 0001599403
Motorcraft AER32
Motorcraft AGR22-3C
Motorcraft AGR22BC
NGK 2023
NGK 7265
NGK 7822
NGK V-line-2
NGK stk 7822
Opel 1214108
Opel 1214112
Opel 1214119
Opel 1214122
Opel 1214132
Opel 1214702
Opel 1214802
Opel 1214806
PAL (Brisk) LR14YC
Renault 7700500120
Renault 7700742094
Renault 7700868864
Renault 7701414143
Renault 7701742094
Talbot 0000VSP120
Talbot 0079227044
Torch F6RTC
Toyota 90098-70033
Unipart GSP2029
Unipart GSP4452
Valeo 246857
Valeo R70H
Volvo 1367529
Volvo 1467015

Raskt søk


The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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