NGK 94811 - Mulige tennplugger

Detaljer om NGK 94811:

  • Threaddiameter: 14.0 mm
  • Threadreach: 19 mm
  • Hexsize: 20.8 mm

Alternative tennplugger for NGK 94811:

Brand Model
ACDelco R42XLS
ACDelco R43XLS
Beru 0002335701
Beru 0002340701
Beru 14R6D
Beru 14R6DU
Beru 14R7D
Beru 14R7DU
Beru Z20
Beru Z27
Bosch 0241235099
Bosch 0242235511
Bosch 0242235529
Bosch 0242235537
Bosch 0242235630
Bosch 0242235663
Bosch 0242240511
Bosch 0242240521
Bosch 0242240579
Bosch 0242240592
Bosch W175TR30
Bosch W200TR30
Bosch W7DCR
Bosch WR6D
Bosch WR6DC
Bosch WR6DP
Bosch WR7D
Bosch WR7DC
Bosch WR7DC2
Champion 2332
Champion EON5
Champion OE004
Champion OE004R04
Champion OE004T10
Champion OE006
Champion OE006R04
Champion OE006T10
Champion RN10Y
Champion RN10YC
Champion RN9Y
Champion RN9YC
Champion RN9YCC
Citroen 59622A
Daihatsu 9004851096000
Denso 3344
Denso W20EPR
Denso W20EPR-U
Denso W20EPRU
Denso W20TT
Eyquem RC62LS
Febi Bilstein 13452
Febi Bilstein 13453
Fiat 5984036
Fiat 71711639
Fiat 71711640
Fiat 71711806
Fiat 7554444
Fiat 7760382
Ford 5099742
Ford 5099768
Gutbrod 09050805
Honda 9807956846
Hyundai 1881108061
Isuzu 8942199430
Kawasaki 920702077
Kawasaki E920701025
Magneti Marelli 062110390312
Magneti Marelli 062130011312
Magneti Marelli CT6FMR
Magneti Marelli CW7LPR
Mazda 0000181690
Mazda 169018110
Mitsubishi MS851233
Mitsubishi MS851236
Mitsubishi MS851413
Mitsubishi Z2152945
Motorcraft AGR22
Motorcraft AGR22C
Motorcraft AGR22CU
Motorcraft AGR32
Motorcraft AGR32C
Motorcraft AGR32CU
Motorcraft AGS22C
NGK 2268
Nissan 22401V1486PC
Nissan 22401V1491
Nissan B2401V1416
Opel 90239568
Opel 90355136
PAL (Brisk) LR15YC
Prestolite 14GR22
Renault 7700727383
Renault 7701414031
Subaru 22401AA220
Suzuki 0948200299
Suzuki 0948200409
Suzuki 0948200487
Unipart GSP263
Unipart GSP4462
Volvo 1367528
Volvo 1367529
Yamaha 9470100234
Yamaha 9470200234
Yamaha 9470300234
Yanmar 16069378010

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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