NGK 91406 - Mulige tennplugger

Detaljer om NGK 91406:

  • Threaddiameter: 14.0 mm
  • Threadreach: 19 mm
  • Hexsize: 20.8 mm

Alternative tennplugger for NGK 91406:

Brand Model
ACDelco 414XLS
ACDelco 42XLS
ACDelco 43XLS
Beru 0001335702
Beru 0001340702
Beru 0001340903
Beru 146D
Beru 146D1
Beru 146DPO
Beru 146DU
Beru 147D
Beru 147DU
Beru 175143A
Beru 200143A
Beru 215143A
Beru D200143A
Beru Z104
Beru Z11
Beru Z22
Bosch 0241235563
Bosch 0241235602
Bosch 0241240530
Bosch 0241240539
Bosch W175T30
Bosch W200T27
Bosch W200T30
Bosch W215T30
Bosch W220T30
Bosch W6D
Bosch W6D1
Bosch W6DC
Bosch W6DCO
Bosch W6DPO
Bosch W7D0
Bosch W7DC
Bosch W7DCO
Bosch W7DO
Bosch W7DP
Champion N10Y
Champion N281YC
Champion N66Y
Champion N79Y
Champion N89GY
Champion N8Y
Champion N9Y
Champion N9YC
Champion N9YCC
Champion N9YCX
Champion OE001
Champion OE001R04
Champion OE001T10
Champion OE022
Champion OE022T10
Champion UN79Y
Citroen 95619043
Daihatsu 9004851034000
Daihatsu 9004851034010
Denso 3043
Denso W20EPR-U
Denso W20EPRU
Denso W20EPU
Denso W20TT
Eyquem 600LS
Eyquem 707LS
Eyquem 750LS
Eyquem 755LS
Eyquem 755LSMOTO
Eyquem 800LS
Eyquem 800LSMOTO
Eyquem C62LS
Febi Bilstein 13446
Febi Bilstein 13447
Febi Bilstein 13449
Febi Bilstein 13450
Febi Bilstein 13452
Febi Bilstein 13453
Febi Bilstein 13465
Fiat 46229251
Fiat 60504563
Fiat 7554442
Honda 9807956811
Honda 9807956841
Honda 9817956841
Isuzu 9825131030
Jap Car 123770
Kawasaki E920701024
Kia 0025918110
Kubota 1307867716
Magneti Marelli 062110390312
Magneti Marelli 062130011312
Magneti Marelli CT6FMR
Magneti Marelli CW7LPR
Mazda 025918110
Mercedes 0021592403
Mercedes 0021592803
Mercedes 0021594103
Mercedes 0021594203
Mitsubishi MS851023
Mitsubishi MS851183
Mitsubishi MS851192
Motorcraft AG22
Motorcraft AG22C
Motorcraft AG22CU
Motorcraft AG252
Motorcraft AG252C
Motorcraft AG32A
Motorcraft AG32C
Motorcraft AG32CU
Nissan 22401W8986
Nissan 22401W8986PC
Nissan 22401W8991
Nissan B2401W8916
PAL (Brisk) 14L7Y
PAL (Brisk) 14L8Y
PAL (Brisk) L15YC
PAL (Brisk) L7Y
PAL (Brisk) L8Y
Peugeot 596213
Peugeot 596216
Peugeot 596282
Peugeot 5962A2
Prestolite 14G22
Renault 7700553622
Renault 7700724821
Renault 7700824821
Renault 7701366086
Renault 7701366269
Renault 7701366516
Renault 7701414025
Subaru 22401AA020
Suzuki 0948200118
Suzuki 0948200177
SWAG 10913450
Toyota 0419534150
Unipart GSP151
Unipart GSP163
Unipart GSP171
Unipart GSP4352
Unipart GSP4362
Valeo 345HS
Valeo 35HA
Valeo 70H
Valeo 7H
Valeo 8H
Valeo GT342H
Valeo GT345H
Valeo GT345HA
Valeo GT345HD
Valeo GT34HD
Yamaha 9470100116
Yamaha 9470300116
Yanmar 16069078010

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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