Champion OE012T10 - Mulige tennplugger

Detaljer om Champion OE012T10:

  • Gap: 0.8 mm
  • Threaddiameter: M14x1.25
  • Threadreach: 19 mm
  • Hexsize: 21 mm
  • Terminaltype: M4/SAE

Alternative tennplugger for Champion OE012T10:

Brand Model
ACDelco 2503
AUTOMEGA 100000001101AC
Beru 00013357090001
Beru 00013457040001
Beru 145DTU
Beru 146DTU
Beru 147DTU
Beru Z12
Beru Z12SB
Beru Z44
Beru Z51
Bosch 0241235633
Bosch 0241235643
Bosch 0241235756
Bosch 0241240558
Bosch 0241245070
Bosch W5DTC
Bosch W6DTC
Bosch W7DTC
Bosch WR6DP0
Bosch WR6DTC
Champion FE65PTRS
Champion FE65PTS
Champion FE85PTRS
Champion FE85PTS
Champion N6BYC
Champion N7BYC033
Champion N7BYC094
Champion N7BYC184
Champion N7BYCC04
Champion OE012B04
Champion OE012U04
Champion OE109
Champion OE109T10
Denso W22EPB
Denso W22TT
Eyquem C62LS3X
Eyquem C72LS3X
Eyquem C82LS3X
Febi Bilstein 13452
Febi Bilstein 13453
Febi Bilstein 13459
Febi Bilstein 13508
Febi Bilstein 13509
JP-GROUP 1191701100
Magneti Marelli FL7MCR
NGK 1263
NGK 2876
NGK 3172
NGK 5521
NGK 5621
NGK 94024
Peugeot 596221
Peugeot 9151873580
Renault 7701414114
Renault 7701414119
Renault 7701414140
Talbot A51938380
TOPRAN 107123
Unipart GSP2010
Unipart GSP4347
Unipart GSP4357
Valeo 246194
Valeo 246367
VW Group 000057067A
VW Group 101000001AA
VW Group 101000001AB
VW Group 101000001AC
VW Group 101000005AA
VW Group 101000005AB
VW Group 101000005AC
VW Group 101000007AA
VW Group 101000007AB
VW Group 101000027AA
VW Group 191905450
VW Group 191905450A
VW Group 191905450C
VW Group 191905450H
VW Group 191905452D
VW Group 191905452E
VW Group 191905452F
VW Group N01781140
VW Group N01781154
VW Group N01781157
VW Group N01781160
VW Group N01781161
VW Group N01781164
VW Group N01781167
VW Group N01781168
VW Group N01781169
VW Group N01781172
VW Group N01781173
VW Group N01781174
VW Group N01781246
VW Group N01781247
VW Group N01781248
VW Group N01781249
VW Group N01781251
VW Group N01781252
VW Group N0178127
VW Group N01781345
VW Group N01781346
VW Group N01781347
VW Group N01781350
VW Group Z057066
VW Group Z057067
VW Group Z057068

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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